Voltron: Defender of the Universe, ROBO-DOU Voltron


Pre-Order Cut-Off Date:

22th April, 2022

Estimated Shipping Date:

3rd Quarter 2022


From the extremely popular 80’s anime Voltron: Defender of the Universe, ROBO-DOU Voltron will be available for pre-order at threezero store on February 25, 2022 (09:00 HKT)!

threezero’s engineers have worked effortlessly to re-create the classic mecha Voltron in a presentation never before seen! The ROBO-DOU Voltron is designed to achieve a wider range of articulation and better combining functions than its contemporaries while maintaining the robot’s iconic retro aesthetic.

Accurately simulating its appearance on-screen, ROBO-DOU Voltron is a non-scale, fully-articulated figure standing approximately 27cm (~10.6”) tall in Voltron mode with a remarkable die-cast main frame and an impressive metallic finish to highlight the details of the mecha. Voltron is composed of five Lion mecha, and is able to split into Lion mode, or combine to form Voltron. All five Lion mecha are fully-articulated figures partly adopting zinc alloy and metal parts for the movable joints. Combined, the figure utilizes 124 points of articulation for the total of five machines, with a set of Voltron mode wepons in addition to a unique set of weapons for each Lion.


* In development. Final product may vary from promotional images.
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — This is not a toy. This product contains small parts, and is intended for ages 15 Years +




· Approximately 27cm (~10.6”) tall

· Fully-articulated figure with 124 points of articulation (Black Lion: 34 points of articulation, Red Lion: 25 points of articulation, Green Lion: 25 points of articulation, Yellow Lion: 20 points of articulation, Blue Lion: 20 points of articulation)

· Die-cast metal parts

· Five separate Lion mecha combine to form Voltron

· Rolling cutter on legs

Voltron mode weapons:

· Blazing Sword

· Spinning Laser Blade with Handle

Black Lion weapons:

· Mouth Blade

· Rotary Cannons

Red Lion weapons:

· Mouth Blade

· Plasma Flash Cannon

· Lava Cannon

Green Lion weapons:

  • Mouth Blade
  • Laser Cannon
  • Shooting Star

Yellow Lion weapons:

  • Mouth Blade
  • Dual Shoulder Blockbuster Turrets
  • Radial Shotgun Blaster

Blue Lion weapons:

· Mouth Blade

· Triple Barrel Mortar Cannon

· Shoulder Cannon

Materials Used: ABS, PVC, POM and die-cast metal parts

Packaging size:  (W235 x H110 x D360)mm (1kg)