About Us

JAZEEL DISTRIBUTION is building its reputation as a leading distributor of toys, collectibles, novelty, apparel and hobby products. In recent years, JAZEEL has grown to include a range of licensed high quality collectible lines from Japan, the United States, Hong Kong and the EU. It has established itself as reputable distribution partner proven by its long steady partnership with established brands like, TsumeArt, Bandai, Good Smile, Tokidoki, Wild and Wolf and Kikkerland.

We constantly seek out partnerships with manufacturers that sets trends and demands in the market. Furthermore, we have designed our distribution principles and practices  to ensure mutual benefit between us, our principals, our partners and our customers. Our effective partnerships with our principals and distribution partners partnered with our consistent on trend product lines allows JAZEEL to meet today’s market demand for collectible, novelty and toy products.

JAZEEL’s centers its business on a B2B business operations, with dedicated sales, marketing and merchandising teams throughout the country in charge with the full distribution in the UAE and other countries.

JAZEEL is derived from the Arabic word meaning ’abundance’. Abundance is key in how we deal with every customer & supplier – we execute every task with an abundance of skill, professionalism, dedication and respect.


To Our Principals

  • We assist in driving brand recognition and improve sales by exhausting distribution channels and forging partnerships with retailers and resellers.
  • We ensure our principals are in every store that speaks their brand

To Our Retail Partners

  • We provide on trend, licensed and top quality merchandise that meet the needs and demands of our retailer’s customers.
  • We establish efficient ordering and delivery processes to ensure that retail merchandising requirements are met.


To be the most trusted partner in the distribution of novelty, toys, apparels and collectible merchandise within MENA by having efficient distribution policies and processes and unparalleled professional and ethical partnerships with manufactures, retailers and other distributors.



  • We believe in clear, honest and ethical business transactions with  our partners, customers, suppliers and employees. Our processes and communication systems were designed to uphold transparency and efficiency.

Customer Centered

  • Our customers is the heart of our business. Our success is propelled by our  consistent commitment to meet the needs of our partners and customers.


  • We constantly aspire to be the leaders in our industry through consistent sourcing of top quality, trending and licensed merchandise. We further establish our leadership by ensuring innovative and efficient processes.