SERIES: Elite Exclusive Statue


 SIZE: 1/6 scale (Approximately H79 x W65 x D56 CM)



The team at Figurama Collectors is honored to present a groundbreaking accomplishment in striking design—the Vampire Hunter D Elite Exclusive Statue. This is a feat brought to life by painstaking consideration of the detail present in Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. With the world’s first and only license granted for this classic after a journey five years in the making, the team wanted to do right by fans. We worked closely with the respected Japanese illustrator to create a Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust statue of this caliber, and the design was personally approved by Amano-san. Set during the iconic graveyard scene, this statue immerses you within the dark and swampy setting of D’s first encounter with the Marcus Brothers.


This version of D is closely modeled after the illustrations of Yoshitaka Amano featured in the Vampire Hunter D novels. This influence is palpable in the ornate touches of the statue. D is seated astride his rearing cybernetic horse with his crescent longsword and sentient symbiote, Left Hand. The snarling fangs of his fierce expression are surrounded by flowing dark hair, and his head is topped with a pointed hat of the most intricate gothic detail. The shining diecast metal of D’s longsword and the impassioned expression of Left Hand are indistinguishable from the movie. D’s armor is an inky black highlighted by fine gold ornamentations reminiscent of Amano’s work, and the long swoop of his dark cape curves near the base. Each panel and wiry fiber of the cybernetic horse can be made out as it rears onto its hind legs, suspended in movement above graveyard markers.  Mechanical hooves seem to drip with moisture from the angled base below, featuring a length of rock and twisting branches that jut from a rippling pool of water. Three red-eyed ghouls reach from the murky depths towards the majestic frame of D and his horse suspended in battle.