Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Elite Exclusive Statue



Rooting for Vash the Stampede is easy. This energetic Japanese character from the anime and manga series ‰ÛÏTrigun‰۝ shaped our childhood visions of who a real hero should be. Mischievous, goofy and perpetually flashing the peace sign, Vash goes to extreme lengths to not hurt anyone ‰ÛÓ even the endless bounty hunters chasing a $$60 billion reward, the mysterious assassins and his own brother, the monstrous Knives.

Wielding a huge silver revolver, the loveable blond-haired renegade is no ordinary human. Despite his 181 years, he looks and acts like a teenager. He has an infamous reputation for being witty and lewd, never meeting a stranger and an obsessive love of doughnuts. Unintentionally, the Humanoid Typhoon creates chaos throughout the Seven Cities as he avoids being captured or killed by his enemies.



When we discovered that it was impossible to find a figure for Vash in this detail and scale -- which he certainly deserves -- he had to become a part of our collector's shelf.

Figurama has crafted a dynamic 1:4 scale figure that depicts planet Gunsmoke's most feared outlaw dodging a barrage of bullets while directing his own deathly arsenal from the end of a modified .45 Long Colt toward the bad guys. Reaching 55 centimeters (over 21.5 inches) in height, this exquisite statue is concisely crafted from high-density polystone and some PU material for added details. Our talented sculptors produce the cleanest cuts you'll find in the figure collectibles industry, masterfully capturing Vash's signature crimson duster coat billowing in the breeze of the bullets.

The cocky personality of this imposing character, who stands over six feet 5 inches tall, is perfectly replicated from the spiky tips of his wheat-yellow hair to his funky circle sunglasses to his booty-stomping knee-high boots. This exclusive edition of Vash the Stampede also comes with switchable heads.