Tony Tony Chopper HQS by Tsume


Limited Edition: 2500 pieces.

Tony Tony Chopper joins his crewmate in our HQS by Tsume line. Still, atåÊ1/7thåÊscale, this ambitious and generous statue gathers in aåÊ100% original creationåÊtheåÊseven formsåÊthe Straw Hat‰۪s doctor can assume!

On one statue, getåÊChopper in Brain Point, Heavy Point, Walk Point, Guard Point, Kung Fu Point, Horn Point, and even the giganticåÊMonster Point! This piece of art is both dynamic and colourful, highlighted with a Whole Cake Island themed base.

Very technical, this set of characters of very different size displays balance and harmony. Each pose is dynamic yet no characters shadow any other. Second technical point: Chopper‰۪s fur. It differs greatly from one ‰ÛÏpoint‰۝ to another, yet they need to be coherent altogether. The colouring reveals the same will to deliver a statue accurately to each character and yet balanced and contrasted.