Tomie (Manga) 1/6 Scale Resin Statue - Regular Edition


While Tomie is sitting for her portrait she tells Mori that every man who has ever loved her tried to kill her, and she doesn't know why. Mori paints Tomie but does so with a hideous demonic face merged with her own. Tomie sneers at the painting causing Mori to go into a homicidal rage, chopping her into pieces.

The base of our piece reflects precisely that, the severed body parts after Mori's rage. Tomie is then reborn from the severed parts, with her pose and attire being a reference to the photo taken outside earlier in the episode. Included is a head variant showcasing her hideous demonic face.

A full-length episode can be streamed on our Licensor website Crunchyroll.

Product Highlights:

Resin Statue with parts in PVC/ABS
1/6 Scale
Width: 11.5 cm / 4.53 in
Height 33.5 cm / 13.2 in
Depth: 21 cm / 8.3 in
Copyright / IP: © JI/Asahi Shimbun Publications, The Junji Ito Collection Production Committee
Creative Director: Ricardo Clatworthy
3D work / Sculptor: Sergio Mengual & Leo Dolon Bustamonte
Painter / Color Master: Armando Aguiar


PO Close Date:26/04/2022
Release Date :'Q4 2022