Tokyo Ghoul : Kaneki VS Yamori Elite Fandom Statue


The first statue in Figurama‰۪s Elite Fandom line capturesåÊTokyo Ghoul‰Û÷s season finale showdown between half-ghoul Kaneki and his deranged tormentor, 13th Ward‰۪s Jason.

Rearing 63 cm high on the newly-spawned fourth tentacle of his crimson kagune,åÊKanekiåÊhovers in midair as Jason lunges up to meet him, snarling and bearing his incomplete clawed kakuja. The cracked tile floor of Jason‰۪s torture chamber erupts with cinematic Easter Eggs as predator and prey throw themselves into combat-knocking aside trays of torture instruments, a bucket of blood, and the rusty chair that restrained Kaneki for over 10 days. A Chinese red-headed centipede scuttles past Jason‰۪s discarded mask. Most ominous of all, a single white carnation lies beneath the carnage, dyed with sanguinary flecks that foreshadow its transformation into a spider lily-and Kaneki embracing his inner ghoul.

Crafted from premium polystone and painstakingly hand-painted, the 1/6-scale spectacle hangs frozen in time over a base intricate enough to display solo. The circular stand is studded with iconic ghoul masks crafted by Uta, representing the division between the peaceful and terrorist factions of Anteiku and Aogiri. Transparent panes with flickering LED lighting highlight the masks and recreate the eerie urban tone of the anime.

Sold in a highly-limited, 600-piece release, Figurama‰۪s exclusiveåÊTokyo GhoulåÊdiorama includes optional heads for both Kaneki and Jason. As a bonus, the diorama includes two weathered stands embellished with the cryptic Tokyo Ghoul logo, so collectors can conveniently and attractively display the secondary Kaneki and Jason heads like miniature 1/6-scale busts alongside the diorama.

Product Size: 63 x 44 x 35 cm