Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V DX Soul of Chogokin Voltes V


Product Description

The legendary five-part combining super robot Voltes V is back with digitized combination sounds, special attack sounds, lines from the anime, and five songs! The five machines combine into the towering 36cm tall Voltes V -- complete with sound effects for the docking sequence and weapon sounds! The support ship Taka-mecha and an all new enemy Boazan flying saucer are included, too

Product Features

  • 14.17 inches (36cm)
  • Made of die-cast and plastic
  • Features 27 different sound effects and lines of dialogue
  • Based on the classicåÊVoltes V anime series

Box Contents

  • No. 1 Volt Cruiser
  • No. 2 Volt Bomber
  • No. 3 Volt Panzer
  • No. 4 Volt Frigate
  • No. 5 Volt Lander
  • Poazan arm discus
  • Falcon mecha
  • Sky sword
  • Voltes bazooka
  • 2 Gatling missiles
  • 2 Chain knuckles
  • 8 interchangeable hands
  • V effect parts
  • Falcon Head
  • 5 Boarding capsules
  • Display base