Soul Of Chogokin GX-84 Invincible Super Man Zambot


The long-awaited Zambot 3 is the soul of Chogokin FA (Full Action)!

-With the release of BD-BOX remastered in December 2018, Zanbot 3 is three-dimensional from [Invincible Superman Zanbot 3], which is still a key figure of robot animation that has reached 42 years.
-Reproduce various armaments with plated parts.

[The Soul of Chogokin FA (Full Action)]
-[FULL ACTION] line equipped with a novel movable gimmick instead of the combined deformation gimmick to reproduce the bold action pose that could not be achieved with the previous [super alloy soul].
-The steel super robot gathers in a uniform format size with a height of about 180mm, and it's exciting !!

- set content
†Û̩ Main body
�ՉÛÁ Replacement wrist left and right five each
†Û̩ Zambot Grup (Sai) Ì_‰Û_ 2
†Û̩ Zambot cutter (sword)
†Û̩ Zambot blow (Sword)
†Û̩ Zambot Buster
†Û̩ Dedicated pedestal