Sofvi Spirits Ultraman Victory


- Fun-awaited! Ultraman Ginga and Victory sleep!
Approximately 16 cm in height, in the former standard Soft Vinyl Size!

- New Generation Ultra Fans Popular [New Generation Ultra Hero].
- The pioneer was Ultraman Ginga and its partner �ՉÛÁ Victory.
- It becomes the first soft sovilization as the size of about 16 cm which is deepest familiar to Ultra fan.

- The size of commitment! -
For 30 years from 1983 to 2013, Ultra Fan was familiar with total height about 16 cm in size! New Generation Hero in this size is first commercialized!

- A model of commitment! -
Tsuburaya Production Forming Division In-depth coverage to the people of LSS, based on real suits.
Three-dimensional with a sharp modeling unique to high target items!

- Coloring of commitment! -
Including the back side which tended to be omitted with the product so far, coloring as fresh as possible unique to the New Generation Hero!

- Part composition of commitment! -
Parts are divided using the hero's body color line.
Lost the part split line of the waist, reproduce the seamless beautiful appearance of Ultra Hero! The clear part is also reproduced with transparent material!

[Soft Vinyl Soul Ultraman Series]]
We will develop a figure series faithfully reproducing the appearance of Ultra Hero and monster with texture unique to soft vinyl.
Based on the actual suits of Ultra Hero who appeared in the video work, he created the prototype, three-dimensionalized with the total height of about 16 cm, which is the standard size of Ultra Hero Soft Vinyl, the most familiar to fans.
As well as the modeling and coloring of the commitment suitable for the soul nations brand, as well as the transparent parts of the body parts, which are the features of Ultraman Ginga and other [New Generation Heroes], are also expressed with clear material.

- set content
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