In the world of Shaman King, people with the special abilities to act as a medium between the world of the living and dead are called shamans. Every 500 years, the strongest shamans from around the world gather to participate in a tournament called the Shaman Fight. The winner of this competition is deemed worthy enough to merge with the Great Spirt and granted the power to shape the world as they please.

Yoh is one such young shaman from the powerful Asakura family who is determined to win the Shaman Fight and grant his characteristically laid-back wish of living a peaceful life. However, during the tournament Yoh encounters his estranged twin brother, Hao. Hao’s wish is much more destructive, planning to destroy humans and recreate the world as a place only for shamans. While Hao is consumed with his hatred of humans, Yoh must somehow defeat the most powerful shaman or find a way to reach his heart.


Yoh Elite Fusion Statue is one half of the very first statue in Figurama’s Elite Fusion line. Yoh and his loyal Guardian Ghost, Amidamaru, face off against Hao and the Spirit of Fire accompanying him. In Yoh’s hands are his family heirloom knife and Amidamaru’s treasured personal sword, Harusame, made from realistic diecast metal.

Various items of significance are placed around the statue as easter eggs. Anna’s bright red bandana and the 1080 beads that she uses to channel spirits are draped across of the front of Yoh’s diorama. A Shikigami’s paper form lies next to Amidamaru’s grave marker. Part of the statue base is specially designed to resemble the bear claw necklace given to Yoh by Matamune, the Asakura family’s cat spirit.

SIZE: 1/6-scale; Approximately: H 62cm x W 53cm x D 58cm (H 24.4in x W 20.8in x D 22.8in)

MATERIALS: Polystone, PVC, die cast metal

PO Close Date:01/07/2022