Scratch Map Typogeography


  • How does one combine their love of typography with a healthy urge to for travel, not to mention a possible penchant for the Scratch Map? Well if that‰۪s a question you‰۪ve been trying to conjure up the answer to, then don‰۪t worry, because we‰۪ve cracked it for you with the TYPOGEOGRAPHY map!

    As well as featuring embossed copper detail, the map shouts the names of the world‰۪s countries in stylish typeface and stays in bright colours when you scratch off your travel destinations.

    A must-have map for all travel enthusiasts, typography nerds, and cataphiles alike.


    Paper, laminate, coloured foil


    82.5 x 59.4 cm

    World map with a removable foil layer

  • Premium copper stamp foil details on the map

  • Beautifully crafted typeface to represent countries landmass

  • Comes in an elegant square gift box with copper stamp foil detail