Sailor Moon HQS by Tsume


Limited Edition : 2500 pieces.

A masterpiece that marked several generations of fans,åÊSailor MoonåÊfinally makes it to Tsume‰۪s catalogue. Check out our unique vision of Princess Serenity‰۪s reincarnation.

Usagi is set wearing her outfit from the end ofåÊSailor Moon SåÊand beginning ofåÊSailor Moon Super S, standing on her left leg with the right arm in extension holding theåÊSpiral Heart Moon Rod. A translucent ribbon is spiralling around her, seeming to emerge from the rod and mimicking a transformation effect. The warrior of the moon is standing on a bed of pink roses and in front of a replica of heråÊCosmic HeartåÊCompact.

Very colourful and contrasted, this statue is full of details, any way you look at it. Her outfit‰۪s painting highlights different types of fabrics combining mate, satiny, and glossy effects to create relief and please the eye. The translucent ribbon adds a touch of delicacy and lightness to a very aerial overall. The setup is vertical and authorises various point of view, all the more since the ribbon and hair‰۪s curves, and the skirt‰۪s folds add dynamism and movement to the piece.

This first foray inåÊSailor Moon‰۪s world will ravish all the fans with its precision and elegance.