S.O.C GX79 Voltes V


Soul of Chogokin ÌÑ Full Action!

In order to realize a bold action pose which could not be done in the so far [super alloy soul], a [FULL ACTION] line was born with a novel movable gimmick instead of a coalesced deformable gimmick.
åÊA super robot of steel gathers and moves in a uniform size format of about 180 mm in total height.

In addition to the drawer joint from the fuselage to the shoulder, a wide range of movement produced by the division of the shoulder.
The joint connecting the chest, abdomen, and lumbar region creates natural twist and tame.
The outline which considers Perth directs the feeling of liberation.
Added gimmick to jump up lumbar armor. The hip joint expands the range of motion with a swing-out type joint!

åÊset content
åá Main body
åá Four replacement wrists on each side
åá Super electromagnetic string ÌÑ 2
åá Super electromagnetic sesame ÌÑ 2
åá Chain knuckle ÌÑ 2
åá Gatling missiles ÌÑ 2
åá Grand Fire Part Launch Part
åá Voltes Bazooka
.Heavenly sword
åá Complete pedestal