S.H.Figuarts Sakura Kasugano


--Here Comes A New Challenger!

- SHFiguarts [New �ՉÛÁ Fighting Fighter Body] [IV] model [Ken] and [Sakura] participate in the Street Fighter series!
- Based on the concept of [New �ՉÛÁ Fighting Fighter Element], various mortal works in the game can be reproduced without destroying the range of motion!

- Following the series bullets, effect parts and background sheets are also included.
- Sakura comes with the effect of [Vacuum wave fist]!

- set content
�ՉÛÁ Main body
�ՉÛÁ Replacement facial parts 2 kinds
�ՉÛÁ Replacement wrist left and right
�ՉÛÁ Vacuum wave fist effect
�ՉÛÁ A set of effect holding struts
�ՉÛÁ Background sheet