S.H. Figuarts Rashid


Here Comes A New Challenger!

�ÕÌ_SHFiguarts Street Fighter series 2nd is, Rasheed, Cammy is war!
�ÕÌ_Based on the concept of [new-fighting body], various deathblow of during the game, it can be reproduced without losing the form!

�ÕÌ_[Commercialization hope questionnaire] commercialize elected lineup based on! -
�ÕÌ_From the questionnaire that has been carried out in the soul web, determine the commercialization lineup!
Is [Street Fighter V] development team jewel Rasheed, of Cammy, which won the first place, commercialization !! the high 2 character of the demand in the concept of the [new-fighting body]

�ÕÌ_Reproduce the deathblow in the gimmick of the [new-fighting body]! -
�ÕÌ_Eagle spikes, such as a deathblow in the game [new-fighting body] if can be reproduced without destroying the natural form!
Following the series before bullets, effect parts and background sheet is also included.

- set content
�ՉÛÁ Body
Ì_Ì_å¢ Replacement face parts two
Ì_Ì_å¢ Replacement wrist left and right each two
Eagle spike effect
And background sheet