Portrait Of Pirates One Piece SA-MAXIMUM‰۝ Monkey D. Luffy Gear 4 "Bound Man Ver.2


Product introduction

In the POP "MAXIMUM" series, Luffy's gear "4" activated state "Boundman" will reappear with completely new modeling.
An angry expression that bounces a huge body wearing armed-colored supremacy and is about to hit its fist right now.
The image of a deadly battle with Doflamingo at the end of the Dressrosa edition was created by the golden tag of the prototype MAS & Colored Ando Kenji, "This is MAXIMUM!åÊ] Is reproduced in 3D with the highest quality.
Luffy, who fights in a devilish situation, is modeled and colored with attention to detail so that you can enjoy a more realistic feeling, so there is no doubt that you can enjoy it 360 degrees!åÊIt is a good result.
It is a gem that can be confidently recommended to POP fans as well as One Piece fans all over the world.

Product information

Product name

Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece ‰ÛÏSA-MAXIMUM‰۝ Monkey D. Luffy Gear ‰ÛÏ4‰۝ ‰ÛÏBouncing Man‰۝ Ver.2

Product size

Overall height about 270mm (250mm to head) Overall
length about 335mm

Product specifications

-Colored finished product figure
-Dedicated pedestal

Product shipping date

ETA DeåÊ2021