Ochatomo series Jujutsu Kaisen

Characters from "Jujutsu Kaisen" will appear in the popular Ochatomo series that can be displayed in cups! If you hook it on your cup or glass, you can enjoy various situations such as Yuji Itadori riding on the cup and Nobara Kugisaki with a cheek cane. It is a perfect item for going out to cafes and tea time. A "miniature stand" that can be displayed even when there is no glass is included in the set.

Content: Mini figure with stand PKG style: (1)Display box

(2)Pillow packaging

PKG size: (1)H200×W102×D115mm


Item size: apx.: 35mm Approx.

Sales date(in JAPAN): End of July. 2022

Carton QTY: 96pcs (6×16B)