Capcom‰۪s Mega Man X Zero 1/4 STATUE


ntroducing, the next collectible from HMO‰۪s highly sought-after Mega Man X line‰Û_ We present to you ZERO, in true 1:4 scale. Decked out in fiery red armor that speaks of passion, heroism, and heart, HMO‰۪s ZERO Premium Statue captures and embodies the very essence of Mega Man‰۪s greatest hero till date for your collecting!

Zero has been arguably, the most well-received character of the Mega Man series, known for his cold and emotionless front that extrudes enormous amounts of attitude. Gamers would remember Zero for his incredible move-sets with the Z-Saber dishing out mega damage to enemies and bosses. A satisfying swing of the energy sword gives a satisfying barrage of hits! Beneath that cool exterior, Zero is a wounded soul with a heart for fighting for innocents. Zero also has a propensity to sacrifice his own life to save others.

Bringing the ultimate hero from the Mega Man X line was no easy task as HMO‰۪s ZERO was created and recreated countless times by our creative team to capture the living essence of Zero for you, the fan. Sculpted with precision and painted to simulate realistic metallic weathering, Zero‰۪s detailed body armor can be removed (just like HMO‰۪s X) to reveal a set of high tech internal machinery for you to display in a multitude of configurations. Multiple switches out parts add to the pleasure of configuring a precision produced piece for display.
Developed in consultation with Capcom‰۪s creative team, HMO‰۪s ZERO is the ultimate collectible for Mega Man fans!