Maaa & Meinya KADOKAWA Special Set


Maaa and Meinya are now available as mini flocked figures!

From "Made in Abyss:
The Golden City of the Scorching Sun" comes mini flocked figures of Maaa and Meinya with a fluffy texture!
Meinya's fluffy body has been faithfully recreated with flocking. Maaa's unique butt, hand, and folds for walking have smooth textures, making it an accurate recreation despite the figure's small size.
Maaa's drool has also been carefully captured in figure form!
Meinya’s body, excluding the paws, eyes and mouth, are created with painted flocked parts, resulting in an intricate look despite the small size of the figure.
Enjoy the soft colors and fluffy textures.
Their size make them perfect for displaying on the side of your desk or in small spaces, so you can enjoy spending your everyday life with Maaa and Meinya. Be sure to add these lovely palm-sized figure to your collection.