This HQF By Tsume figurine from Laxus Dreyar, an S-Class mage among the 5 most powerful in the Fairy Tail Guild, depicts him in the midst of his fight against Tempesta the Immortal, a demon from the Dark Guild Tartaros.

Despite his condition, Luxus attacks the demon at full power in order to destroy him, but above all, to save and avenge his friends! Accentuated by its lightning-shaped scar, the wild look as well as the threatening expression that can see on the dragon slayer's face perfectly reflect his intention to destroy his opponent of the Nine Demon Gates.

Dressed in dark blue pants with a brown belt, Laxus wears his famous black jacket with a gray fur collar which he lets, as usual, rest freely on his shoulders. In this way, we can easily see the black emblem of Fairy Tail engraved in his skin, overhung by the large tattoo on the top of his chest.