Dressed in shihakushō, the standard Shinigami uniform, the last heir of the Kuchiki Clan is recognizable by these Kenseikan, symbols of nobility and his “Ginpakukazaharu” scarf passed down from generation to generation to all the chiefs of the clan. Represented during the execution of his Bankai, the powerful Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Byakuya lets his Zanpakutō rush into the ground, making appear behind him two rows of swords (made of transparent resin) of pink color taking the appearance of flowers of Cherry tree. When triggered, the Bankai darkens everything around it and the base seems to ripple like a drop of water.Finally, a bottom base with the division logo in its center has been added under the statue and it will be used for all the Captains of the range.


    • DIMENSIONSH52 x W40 x D37cm
    • LICENSEBleach
    • SCALE1/6
  • SCULPTOR(S)Pierre-Marie Albert, Gabriel Lemaire