Konan1/6 statue

Product Description

Konan has experienced all kinds of hardships brought by the war since she was a child, but Jiraiya has brought her the memory of the happiest "home" for three years. Therefore, peace has always been her ultimate pursuit. After the Battle of Konoha Village, she chose to believe in Naruto, believing that the peaceful ninja world depicted by Mr. Jiraiya will surely come. So at this moment, stand here alone and face Madara Uchiha (Obito)! With her consciousness, she will destroy this ultimate BOSS for the ninja world by herself! "Yahiko, Nagato, their will will not die! I also believe in Naruto! This time he will definitely become a bridge to peace! And I, I will be the pillar that supports him! I am the flower that is not afraid of withering. I'll send you on your way!"

Product Features

  • 21.65 x 12.99 x 25.59 inches (55cm x 33cm x 65cm)
  • Made of Resin, Polyurethane, & ABS
  • From Naruto: Shippuden
  • Base has LED lights
    • Constant mode
    • Breathing mode

Box Contents

  • Konan statue