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King Xtra Figure By Tsume Art


"I'm the Fairy King. So I want to protect the forest, my people, Diane, everything!"-King

This Xtra by Tsume figure of King, the Fairy King's Forest and Grizzly of Sloth from theåÊSeven Deadly Sins, shows his great power and determination. For good reason, he is ready to annihilate anyone who threatens the forest or the Fairy Clan which he avidly defends.

Under his real name Fairy King Harlequin, the young boy with short brown hair, slightly pink cheeks and big honey-colored eyes is much more threatening than he lets appear. He wears his turquoise and orange sweatshirt with indigo sleeves closed with a row of silver buttons with crosses, as well as matching capri pants and shoes. We can see on his sweatshirt, in the middle of his back, 4 buttons forming a cross, while the bear symbol is placed on the outer part of his left ankle.

As his uncompromising gaze shows, King is formidable when he uses his Sacred Treasure in conjunction with his Disaster power. This Treasure, a long pointed spear in the shape of a black, golden, silver and turquoise cross, is real gem but also a lethal weapon. It is the Spirit Spear Chastiefol, which was made from the Sacred Tree growing in the Fairy King‰۪s Forest, much more resistant than Steel and possessing the mysterious properties of the Sacred Tree. This changing shape weapon, is a powerful spear capable of releasing great destructive energy, a weapon capable of petrifying its opponent by piercing through his body!

Sin of Sloth, we thus see the Grizzly, his feet barely touching the translucent blue crystals of the Capital of the Dead, guiding with his fingers the formidable weapon levitating behind him, about to inflict a terrible sentence on his opponent.

ETA April 2021