Display and modification parts made for 1/6 scaled figures.
A total of 30 types of accessories, including color variations.
The name of this collection is inspired by the idea of making it as beautiful and cute as jewelries to display.
Decorate your favorite figures with "JEWEL" at your discretion.

This product is a test product for market research purposes.
If this product is well received, we will be considering in developing new similar products in the future.

Parts Name:Followed by Estimated Size

①Double Headed Dildo ×2 Color Variant(Clear Pink & Skin):Estimated at 34mm
②Dildo×2 Color Variant(Clear & Skin):Estimated at 33mm
③Dildo×2 Color Variant(Clear Pink & Skin):Estimated at 34mm
④Dildo×2 Color Variant(Smoky & Skin):Estimated at 36mm
⑤Double Ended Dildo ×2 Color Variant(Clear & Skin):Estimated at 48mm
⑥Anal Beads Vibrator:Estimated at 35mm
⑦Anal Beads:Estimated at 29mm
⑧Anal Beads:Estimated at 32mm
⑨Large Vibrator:(Clear):Estimated at 34mm
⑩Large Vibrator:Estimated at 38mm
⑪Vibrator:Estimated at 32mm
⑫Double Headed Vibrator:Estimated at 20mm
⑬Small Vibrator:Estimated at 26mm
⑭Clit Sucking Vibrator:Estimated at 35mm
⑮Small Electric Massager:Estimated at 35mm
⑯Ball Gag:Estimated at 25mm * Total Length
⑰Cat's Paw Massager:Estimated at 20mm
⑱Small Clit Sucking Vibrator:Estimated at 21mm
⑲Electric Massager:Estimated at45mm
⑳Speculum(Closed):Estimated at 22mm * Measured from its Handle to the Top
㉑Speculum(Open):Estimated at 22mm * Measured from its Handle to the Top
㉒Anoscope(Closed):Estimated at 22mm * Measured from its Handle to the Top
㉓Anoscope(Open):Estimated at 22mm * Measured from its Handle to the Top
㉔Penetrating Anal Plug(Open):Estimated at 10mm
㉕Penetrating Anal Plug(Closed):Estimated at 14mm


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PVC and ABS ; fully painted and assembled
Size: 1/6 scale