Going Merry -ONE PIECE animation 20th Memorial edition-


- Animation 20th anniversary specification Going Merry appears!

- [Super Alloy] Series Going Merry comes from [ONE PIECE] 20th anniversary commemorative animation specification!
- Developed with coloring with luxury based on metallic or pearl.
- The sail designed for the animation 20th anniversary illustration is also included.
- It is possible to reproduce not only the mode of departure but also the wrecked state that imagined the farewell scene of the Merry!

- set content
�ՉÛÁ Main body
�ՉÛÁ A complete set of replacement parts for reproduction of wrecked condition
�ՉÛÁ Anime 20th Anniversary Replacement Sail Parts
�ՉÛÁ Claubatterman (with base)
�ՉÛÁ 11 kinds of mini Figures
�ՉÛÁ Lifeboats (large and small)
�ՉÛÁ Dedicated pedestal