G.E.M. series Digimon Adventure Angemon & Takaishi Takeru 【repeat】


Product Name: G.E.M. Series Digimon Adventure Angemon & Takeru Takaishi (Re-run)

"Takaishi Takeru" is the emergence maturity of partner Digimon, Patamon "Angemon" is!
The appearance of the angel type Digimon "Angemon" with six sheets of white wings, the image in the play and as it is of colored paint
It was reproduced in a size of about 22 cm in size.
Honed obtained strong body of shaped, smile feel the tolerance of Angemon smiling lifting had to arm the Takeru also attention point!
Since the head of Takeru has become a ball joint, move change in facial expression also enjoy.
It also has decorated with "Takaishi Takeru & Patamon" including (sold separately) "Chosen Children",

Series: Digimon Adventure
Product Line: G.E.M. Series
Manufacturer: MegaHouse
Specifications: Painted, non-articulated, non-scale PVC & ABS figure with stand
Height (approx.): 220 mm