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G.E.M. Series Demon Slayer Palm size Nezuko Ver.2


Product introduction

The heroine, Sadako Kamon, is back in the popular Hira series.
While becoming a demon, the cute gesture that makes her brother sweet is three-dimensionalized.
Compared to the first series, Mameko-chan, I would like you to increase the volume in various ways and compare it with your palm.

Product name

GEM Series Devil's Blade Tenohira Sadako-chan Moicho [With Limited Benefits]

Product size

Overall length about 120mm

Product specifications

‹ÄÈ Pre-painted finished product figure‰Û_ 1
‹ÄÈ Dedicated pedestal‰Û_ 1
‹ÄÈåÊspecial bromide

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