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G.E.M. Series BLEACH Ichimaru Gin


Product introduction

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the serialization in 2001, the final chapter "Sennen Blood Battle" has been decided to be animated, and "Ichimaru Gin" will participate in the GEM series for the first time from "BLEACH", which is looking forward to future development!
Ichimaru Gin's battle scene in "Fracture" is cut out and made into a three-dimensional figure.
With the long-awaited GEM series of fans, you can enjoy the two patterns of fluttering white haori, the shadow of the hakama, the bewitching smile that makes you smile with an impressive smile, and the sharp eyes. We now have.
It's packed with the charm of Gin, so it's a gem that you definitely want to pick up!

Product size

Overall height about 300mm

Product specifications

‹ÄÈ Pre-painted finished product figure‰Û_ 1
‹ÄÈ Face replacement parts‰Û_ 1
‹ÄÈ Dedicated pedestal

Product shipping date

ETAåÊJanuary 2022