Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Digimon Adventure and 10 years of the G.E.M. Series comes a figure of Omnimon! The figure is the largest figure yet to join the Digimon G.E.M. series, and as one of the most epic poses yet to boot!

The character was also the top answer in the 2018 Digimon G.E.M. Series Product Request Survey, which we are proud to bring you with full supervision by the original designer, Kenji Watanabe.

The Gray Sword is pointed up into the heavens, allowing the figure to stand an impressive 600mm ion height. The Garuru Cannon, Omnimon's iconic eyes and the cape fluttering in the wind have all been sculpted and painted in intricate detail.

This is the ultimate Omnimon figure for any Digimon fan - be sure to add the Precious G.E.M. Omnimon to your collection!