Fluffy Squeeze Bread JUJUTSUKAISEN Vol 2


Fluffy Squeeze Bread Jujutsu Kaisen vol.2

The second installment of the fluffy squeeze bread series "Jujutsu Kaisen" is now available! The squeeze material is based on the image of freshly baked bread, and Yuji Itadori and other characters are cutely three-dimensionalized. You can enjoy the soft and fluffy texture of bread. In the vol.2, "Kento Nanami," "Suguru Geto," "Mahito," and "Sukuna" are newly introduced! Yuji Itadori is "Smile ver." And Satoru Gojo is a new model "Mask ver.". When combined with the vol.1, the world of Jujutsu Kaisen will expand

Content: Squishy mascot with ball chain (6 Styles)

PKG style: (1)Display box (2)Pillow packaging

PKG size: (1)H90×W180×D150mm (2)H70×W80×D55mm

Item size: apx.: 75mm

Lounching date(in JAPAN): End of Jun. 2022

Carton QTY: 96pc (6×16B)