figmaPLUS Starting Gate


Your figma, at the gate! Capture the thrilling appeal of the start of a race!

The next item to come to the figmaPLUS series of expansion sets for figma action figures is a starting gate! The gate, sized to fit figma Horse ver. 2 figures, can be assembled easily without the use of adhesive. Green and gray runners are included.
Multiple gates can be combined to increase the number of racers! Supprot pillar parts for use when displaying the gate expanded are also included.
Support parts can be changed out with shorter support parts to change the height of the gate. Display your figma action figures at the gate!
Stickers are used to represent the gate's unique number, lights and panel markings. Enjoy combining them with your figma action figures!

*Some figmas may not fit within the gate. Please check the listed product dimensions.
Dimensions are based on a prototype in development. The final product may slightly differ.
*In order to maintain stability, the tires do not rotate.