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Capcom Figure Builder Creator's Model Rathalos Re-pro Mode


[Capricone Figure Builder Creators Model] as the first memorable first release of [Fire Dragon Rioleus] released in 2010 will be released as it is at that time [Reprint Edition]!

- Prototype production is responsible for Mr. Ryu Ohyama who has many fans as the leading monster figure figure.
- The appearance of Rioleus which spreads wings and roars is three-dimensionalized by model expressive unique to Mr. Ryu Oyama.
‰ÛÈ This product is released in November 2010 [Capcom Figure Builder Creators Model Fire Dragon Rioleus] is the same specification.

- Body material: PVC, ABS
- Size: About H 210 ÌÑ W 280 ÌÑ D 240 mm

ETA: Mar, 21'