Berserk HQS by Tsume


Limited edition: 666 pieces

If I were to name one license that TsumeÌ_Ì_åÈs fans have asked over since the companyÌ_Ì_åÈs creation, it sure may be this one. Tsume is proud to present its own interpretation of the legendary Dark Fantasy saga: Berserk, by Miura Kentaro!

Through this gigantic 88cm-long creation, relive the most impressive scene of the Golden Age: Guts and GriffithÌ_Ì_åÈs battle against Immortal Zodd assuming his final form. This one-of-a-kind diorama places them back in DoldreyÌ_Ì_åÈs citadelÌ_Ì_åÈs undergroundÌ_Ì__ with the flaming torches hanged on the columns, the blood-tainted paving where dead bodies are discarded. In the middle of this slaughter, stands Immortal Zodd with a wry smile: massive, all horns out and teeth bared, the back covered with crossbow boltsÌ_Ì__ although heÌ_Ì_åÈs kneeling, he still overlooks everyone in this room! Cornered, the two mightiest warriors of the Band of the Hawk launch a counterattack and attack the apostle. Griffith has just sliced his his left arm and Guts is wielding his zweihÌ__nder to slash his right thigh.

On a technical side, this statue is setting the next pinnacle of what Tsume�Õå can do. Sculpture is both very detailed and true to the anime, especially ZoddÌ_Ì_åÈs fur and the three charactersÌ_Ì_åÈ expressions. The background offers various points of interests, such as the base who mimics ancient wall sculptures and offers a unique Behelit-adorned fresco telling the story of Berserk. Our LED lighting system allows us to offer both warms with the flames of the torches, and life through ZoddÌ_Ì_åÈs blazing gaze. Of course, the colouring job is stunning and embodies perfectly the gritty and gory mood of Miura KentaroÌ_Ì_åÈs masterpiece. Last but not least, both Griffith and Guts come with two heads, so you can choose how to display each of them: with or without his helmet.

Summing up hundreds of hours of work, we consider this piece like the ultimate tribute to any Berserk fan.

Coming This May 3rd Week 2021