ARTFX J Yami Yugi


From the pyramid of Card Game Anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters" comes a figure of the protagonist Yugi Muto when the other personality "Yami Yugi" is in charge, so let the duel begin!!

The uniform jacket flows from Yami Yugi's shoulders and a card is in hand ready for battle.

The facial expression, hairstyle, posture, and accessories like the millennium puzzle are all are sculpted with great care to detail to bring "Yami Yugi" as is to life as a figure.

Metallic paint is used on the uniform jacket, thick chain, and pointy gold millennium puzzle, adding a luxurious flare.

This stylish body equipped with a duel disk has is given more detail than usually expected from a figure.

There is even a bit of a bulge for the muscle in the arms and the outfit's wrinkles match the movement.

This realistic "Yami Yugi" is enough to make a person lose track of time admiring it.

It's truly "My turn"!!