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Art Works Master Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster Red Eyes Black Dragon


Product introduction

The third installment is black dragon with a crimson eye of "ART WORKS MONSTERS", "Yu ‰÷ -Gi-Oh ‰÷  Duel Monsters" from the series, "Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Red Eyes Black Dragon)"!
Sharp image is intact A heroic yet powerful pose with a powerful volume of 325mm in height!
It is a composition that confronts by lining up with the first "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
Overwhelming modeling arrangements and fine details throughout the series have been added to the whole body, and the overall coloring is black and metallic purple, and the contrast between black and purple has increased its presence, and the wings and nails are made of clear materials. The thinness of the wing membrane when the wings are widely spread is reproduced by coloring, and the wing membrane changes its appearance from black to red by transmitting light.
By creating a difference in texture at key points, it realistically expresses its presence as a living thing.

Please enjoy the powerful and majestic figure that saved Jonouchi from the pinch many times!