S.H.Figuarts Ninja Batman


- Ninja Batman Sightseeing! Release from Japan to the world! The strongest entertainment! Scheduled to be released to theaters in 2018.

- Batman Time Slips in Sengoku Period!?
- From Japan's new Batman's new work [Ninja Batman], Ninja Batman and the sixth Heavenly Devil Joker appeared.
- Director: Mizuzaki Junpei �ՉÛÁ Character design: Modeling by completely supervising Mr. Nozomi Okazaki.

- Ningja Batman's movable cloak that produces a silhouette is removable.
- A ninja-like item such as a sword �ՉÛÁ Kunai is attached.

- It is reproduced the world of [Ninja Batman] together with [SHFiguarts the sixth heavenly majestic joker] to be released in July 2018.

- set content
�ՉÛÁ Main body
�ՉÛÁ Replacement head
�ՉÛÁ 5 wrist left and right for replacement
�ՉÛÁ Sword (complete set)
�ՉÛÁ Knai Ì_‰Û_ 2