Heading straight towards Obito, who has become invulnerable as Juubi‰۪s receptacle, we see hereåÊNaruto - 4th WaråÊIkigai combining his Wind Release - Futon Rasen Shuriken attack with his rival Sasuke‰۪s Enton Kagutsuchi, determined to annihilate their common enemy together. In an ultra dynamic pose, he is using the Kyuubi‰۪ Chakra mode transcribed thanks to the characteristic symbols of his outfit and his flamboyant figure in fiery shades. With his right hand, he prepares his attack, being the Wind Element technique he created after understanding the Futon‰۪s principles by merging it with his Rasengan. The rocky landscape of the base brings us back to the battlefield of the 4th Great Ninja War, while the Bijuu Kyuubi‰۪s head symbolizes its connection to Naruto and the power and shades they share together.

ETA 1st Quarter 2022