Figure Me Out (Create your own Figure)


Strike a poseåÊand create your own character figure with your own image!

Customizable Figure from Head to Toe :

Standard face withåÊshort hair/long hair/ no hair.

BodyåÊwith Short Sleeve Shirts/ Button Up Shirts/ Short Shorts/ Pants/åÊ Dress or even in Kandora.

Shoes can be customized upon your liking or what you are wearing.

Figure Max Height : 4 in.åÊ

Add-Ons :

Wearables : Caps / Hats / Visors - AED 80 additional

Hand Helds : Phones / Laptop or any accessories - AED 110 additional

Glasses : AED 40 additional

*For additional instructions, you can directly contact our customer support*